Your partner, every step of the way.

We know that home renovations are time-consuming and stressful, straining even the strongest relationships. Decisions on doorknobs and dividing walls, friction with contractors, unexpected problems – many factors can cause significant time and cost overruns. We're experts in planning, executing and troubleshooting home renovation and construction projects from start to finish.

What we do

Initial Consultation. We meet with you to do a deep dive into your basic needs, wishes and non-starters.

Personal Consultation. Found a great property that needs a lot of work? We know what can and can’t be done, and at what price – and, along the way, suggest solutions you haven’t thought of.

Making Difficult, Easy. Building codes, planning regulations, structural engineers and daily emergencies - all kinds of problems can derail a home construction project. We’ve seen it all, and we’ll deal with it so you don’t have to.

Cost Management. Buying and renovating a property is expensive - so it’s vital to make a budget and stick to it. We have strong established relationships with architects and construction firms across New York and are adept at pushing down costs without sacrificing quality.

Risk Management. There are many predictable or unforeseen issues that can cause change orders and overruns, costing you time and money. We systematically manage risk and plan contingencies, keeping your project on track.

Quality Control. You may not always know what to look for, but we do. We make sure that the vision in your head is successfully executed to the highest standards.


Who are your clients? We work with property buyers looking to do renovation or construction work.

When should I talk to you? When you have committed to the process of buying a property, and would like professional guidance with a view to conducting renovation or construction work.

How much control will we have? Every project is personal, and tailored to you. We offer choices and guidance, but you will always have the final say. Your involvement can be as hands-on or hands-off as you choose.

How do you make money? We make money from a fee, paid by you. We take no other fees from any other organization or individual - not contractors, not architects, not brokers.

I'm a broker. What can you do for me? Some properties require extensive development to fit the needs of buyers. We handle this construction and renovation process from start to finish. We are not a brokerage, and do not take a commission on sales.

What are your qualifications? We’ve been working in New York real estate for almost twenty years, successfully completing countless projects. You can take a look at some of our previous work here.

Do you help with financing? We have relationships with a range of lenders and can provide creative bridge financing solutions to meet your capital needs. Our service includes evaluating offers from lenders with you.

How can I reach you? Go to our contact page.