Your partner, every step of the way.

The professionals at Station Home know how to find and get you living in your home with less aggravation and conflict, fewer renovation mishaps, higher quality construction and in less time.

What we do

Initial Consultation and Evaluation. We want to know more about you before offering our services. The first time you meet with us, we will do a comprehensive analysis of your basic needs, wishes and non-starters. This includes neighborhood amenities, accessibility to transportation, size of household, financial capacity and timing, as well as any special needs constraints.

Get Started. Together we will establish the working budget (including but not limited to mix of initial purchase price and renovation budget and allocation)/ We will also refine the analysis of your needs and perhaps show potential properties.

Manage it all. Buying and renovating a townhouse, particularly in a landmark district will have many unforeseen hiccups. This is inevitable, the question is how they are handled. Is your neighbor fighting you on the lot line? How will landmark view your front door choice? We have a history of working with Department of Buildings, zoning, landmarks, building deficiencies and structural comprises (and neighbors).

Cost Management. Buying and renovating a property is expensive - so it’s vital to make a budget and stick to it. We have strong established relationships with architects and construction firms across New York and are adept at pushing down costs without sacrificing quality.

Cost/Financial/Time Management. Once the property has been secured and the renovation strategy has been solidified, Station Home will manage every the line items of the project. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate avoidable change orders and additional costs. There are always surprises (a fireplace breast where you thought there was none, joists that may have rotted over the past hundred years). We keep these to the minimum. Our goal remains consistent: your needs should be met on schedule and within budget.

Quality Control. Your providers are our long term relationships. They know the level of craftsmanship and service we expect, and it is high.


What are your qualifications? We’ve been working in New York real estate for almost twenty years, successfully completing countless projects. You can take a look at some of our previous work here.

Who are your clients? Station Home professionals work with home buyers.

I am a homebuyer, when should we work with you? When you are ready to buy and renovate a home.

Do we have any say once we hire you? It is your project. We are here to facilitate purchase, design, manage renovation and occupancy. Our goal is for you to have the home you envision within the pre-determined time and budget with reduced hassle, arguments and general frustration.

How does Station Companies charge? We charge the buyer a flat fee for our services, contractually paid monthly. We do not take fees from any other organization or individual - not contractors, not architects, not brokers.

What if I am a broker? What can you do for me? Some properties require extensive development to fit the needs of buyers. We handle this construction and renovation process from start to finish. We are not a brokerage, and do not take a commission on sales.

Is Station able to assist in our financing needs? Station has relationships with a range of lenders. In addition, our affiliate xxx is able to provide and/or help arrange bridge financing solutions during construction. Our basic service includes evaluating offers from lenders for clients.